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Draft of Amendment 1 to IEC 61850-7-1 Published for Voting

IEC TC 57 released the CDV of the first amendment to IEC 61850-7-1 (“Communication networks and systems for power utility automation — Part 7-1: Basic communication structure — Principles and models”) — IEC 61850-7-1 Amendment 1 (57/2035/CDV). The CDV is now available for comments and voting.

The distributed CDV (Committee Draft for Vote) reflects amendment 1 (corrections and extensions) to IEC 61850-7-1 Ed2. The second document (consolidated edition 2.1) incorporates amendment 1 (120 pages) and existing Ed2. The consolidated edition (195 pages) circulated as 57/2036/INF is not publicly available. The version 2.1 will introduce the latest modelling extensions.

Karlheinz Schwarz
The new version of IEC 61850-7-1 will be one of the most crucial documents of the standard series IEC 61850. As the editor of edition 1 I see that most of the content of the version 1 is still the basic information presented in part 7-1.

This document shows also that the standard series is growing and getting quite complex. [So,] for simple applications you need to understand what is mandatory and what is optional!

After the CDV/FDIS approval process the consolidated version will be published together with amendment 1 under reference IEC 61850-7-1 Ed2.1. The CDV is publicly available for comments for all stakeholders. The ballot ends on 28 December, 2018. [blog.nettedautomation.com]

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