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2023 Annual Report on the Performance of Relay Protection and Automation Devices in the Russian Electric Power System

The System Operator of the Unified Energy System (SO UES) has published comprehensive data on the operation of relay protection and automation devices (RPA) within the Russian Electric Power System (EPS) for the calendar year 2023. This report aims to provide a detailed analysis of the operational integrity and challenges faced by these critical components in ensuring the stability and reliability of the power grid.

Operational Performance

In 2023, the EPS registered 58,755 operations of relay protection devices. An analysis of these operations revealed a success rate of 96.52%, with 56,713 instances deemed as correct operations. This data underscores the high reliability of the relay protection systems in place.

Relay Protection Device Operations, UES of Russia, 2023

Incorrect Operations and Causes

Despite the high rate of successful operations, there were instances of incorrect operations, which amounted to 3.48% of the total. The analysis identified several causes for these incorrect operations, which are categorized into organizational and technical reasons.

  1. Organizational Causes:
    • Delayed maintenance or replacement of RPA equipment, accounting for 19.97% of the incorrect operations.
    • Errors in personnel operation contributed to 12.28%.
    • Construction and manufacturing defects were responsible for 11.90%.
  2. Technical Causes:
    • Defects or malfunctions in electromechanical apparatus accounted for 18.38%.
    • Issues in the secondary circuits of RPAs made up 17.88%.
    • The physical wear and tear of equipment was identified as a cause in 8.78% of the cases.

The analysis leads to the identification of critical areas requiring attention to minimize the incidence of incorrect operations.

Methodology and Importance

The data presented in this report is derived from the analysis of over 150,000 RPA devices, adhering to the regulations and standards established by the Russian Ministry of Energy. This rigorous examination is part of the System Operator’s ongoing efforts to ensure the operational efficiency and reliability of the EPS.


The annual report on the performance of relay protection and automation devices within the Russian Electric Power System for 2023 provides valuable insights into the operational successes and areas for improvement. The System Operator’s commitment to transparency and continuous improvement is evident through the detailed analysis and dissemination of these findings. Future efforts will focus on addressing the identified challenges to enhance the resilience and reliability of the power grid.

Source: https://www.so-ups.ru/news/press-release/press-release-view/news/24319/

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