Your personal IEC 61850 assistant

TEKVEL company launched IEC 61850 bot in Telegram messenger. It can help you with variety of IEC 61850 related questions and issues. It can even generate human-readable documentation on the basis of SCD files.

Today we launched a new version of our IEC 61850 bot in Telegram messenger. It received several new features, which make this bot your personal IEC 61850 assistant. The new features are as follows:

  • Full-text search using logical node classes or function names or even functional categories. You can just send “/ln distance” and it will return you appropriate logical node class.
  • Search in Tissues database. Our bot periodically syncs with and is able to search required tissues. To make the request just type “/tissue <<request>>. The details of the request are provided below.
  • SCL file validation – just drop your file and validate it against Edition 1 or Edition 2 of the standard. If the file is not valid, get the note on errors.
  • Now it generates a human-readable documentation on the basis of the SCD file regarding Reporting services – just drop your SCD or CID file and get information on available report control blocks, datasets and etc.
  • We fixed some errors and bugs.

Find logical nodes using function names

One of the key features – is the full-text search. This means that you can find appropriate logical node class on the basis of function name. For example, you can type “/ln overcurrentand get the following:


Cool! But you can do more. You may know logical node class and would like to find out what function is behind the designation. No problem, just type “/ln RBRF” and get the result:


Search Tissues database

There is a well-known IEC 61850 technical issues database. This is a great possibility for users to discuss different aspects and problems of IEC 61850 standard. Now you can search through tissues using our IEC 61850 bot. For example, you can type: “/tissue <<search request>>” and it will give you all the tissues, including your search request. For example, “/tissue protection” request will give you the following result:


Okay, now you can open a tissue description in your browser.

If you have previously searched for logical node classes, then, while giving you the result, bot suggests you to review related tissues. And you can do this with one click:


Validate your SCL files against Ed.1 or Ed.2

Just drop your SCL file to the bot and it will validate it against Ed.1 or Ed.2 of the IEC 61850 standard. Bot will automatically identify against which edition validation must be performed. If your file is valid, you get the following message:


Or if it is not valid, you will get the appropriate message with information on lines of the file where the errors are:


Generate human-readable documentation on reporting services on the basis of SCD file

It is great when you can get all the information about configured report control blocks and datasets in a specific SCD file. In a few seconds. Well, our bot does that neatly. Several seconds after you drop SCD (CID) file, you get documentation where all IEDs and their configured report control blocks (with differentiation on buffered and unbuffered report control blocks) and datasets are disclosed in human-readable form. You also get the information on configured trigger options and buffer time. And… Of course all signals from datasets are represented with very well known names. We cared about this.


This is the only paid feature! But all users have the possibility to try it for free with 2 SCD files!

Viva la IEC 61850! Viva la comprehensive tools!






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