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CIGRE Created New Working Groups

CIGRE announced the creation of new working groups in study committees B3, B4, C2 and C6.

CIGRE created new working groups (WG) and joint working groups (JWG) in the following study committees (links lead to PDFs with group descriptions):

  • SC B3 Substations & Electrical Installations:
    • TOR-WG B3.53 Guidelines for fire risk management in substations;
  • SC B4 DC Systems & Power Electronics:
  • SC C2 Power System Operation & Control / SC C4 Power System Technical Performance:
    • TOR-JWG C2/C4.41 Impact of high penetration of inverter-based generation on system inertia of networks;
  • SC C6 Active Distribution Systems & Distributed Energy Resources in conjunction with:
    • SC B4 DC Systems & Power Electronics — TOR-JWG C6/B4.37 Medium voltage DC distribution systems;
    • SC C1 Power System Development and Economics — TOR-JWG C6/C1.33 Multi-energy system interactions in distribution grids;
    • SC C2 Power System Operation & Control — TOR-JWG C6/C2.34 Flexibility provision from distributed energy resources;
  • SC C6 Active Distribution Systems & Distributed Energy Resources:
    • TOR-WG C6.35 Distributed energy resources aggregation platforms for the provision of flexibility services,
    • TOR-WG C6.38 Rural electrification,
    • TOR-WG C6.39 Distribution customer empowerment.

The number of group participants from each member country is limited by two people: one expert with an exposure to the field and one young professional. Experts are expected to be members of CIGRE, but it is not a prerequisite. Terms of reference of all active working groups and scope of work and activities of all study committees can be found in the relevant section of the CIGRE website. The rules which govern the activities of the study committees can be found in the Guidelines for SC Activities section of the website.

CIGRE Created New Working Groups in Study Committees

The candidates to act as experts are proposed by CIGRE national committees. Acceptance of the candidates is the responsibility of the CIGRE study committee chairmen. Once approved by the SC chairman, candidates’ proposal is submitted to the CIGRE technical committee for approval. [cigre.org]

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