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IEC 61850-9-2 LE Sampled Value Publisher

The SystemCorp "IEC 61850-9-2 LE Sampled Value Publisher" is a hardware platform for specific sampled value publisher applications for the Smart Grid IoT Platform from Novtech using the Altera (now part of Intel) dual core ARM/FPGA Cyclone V SoC.

This Smart Grid IoT Platform provides eight high precision analogue inputs. The A/D converter is directly controlled by the FPGA producing the sampling rate required for the SV publisher,   which is implemented in one ARM core.
The Sampled Values are published at a rate of 4000 frames per second for a grid frequency of 50Hz and 4800 frames per second for 60 Hz.

An eight channel VT/CT interface module is also available from SystemCORP Embedded technology allowing a direct connection of the Smart Grid IoT Platform to 110 V VTs and 5 A CTs. [blog.iec61850.com]

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