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Guidelines to redundancy systems are to be developed within IEC 61850

IEC TC 57 has proposed a new part for IEC 61850 (57/1766/DC): IEC TR 61850-90-20 - Communication networks and systems for power utility automation – Part 90-20: Guideline to redundancy systems. As more application domains are added to the IEC 61850, additional modelling, description and functional capabilities needs to be added to the “core” of IEC 61850. And one of such capabilities is redundancy.

The purpose of this document is to suggest how to model redundancy systems within the IEC 61850 domain and provide a guideline on implementation possibilities. There exist different kinds of redundancy system applications, which might require addition to the IEC 61850 standard. Thus a description, documented as use cases, of the various redundancy systems is needed to identify different requirements for e.g. performance, architecture and modelling.


The report might eventually include:

  • defintion of new logical nodes, e.g. for representation of redundancy schemes and supervision of redundant IEDs.
  • definition of new functional specifications for applications and application supervision (e.g. “alive supervision”).
  • guideline of communication possiblities with and between redundancy systems.
  • implications for the engineering process for substations containing redundancy systems.
  • extensions to SCL.
  • extensions to basic communication principles of 61850.

Closing date for votes – October 14, 2016.

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