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GIS4SmartGrid 2018

The premier GIS4SmartGrid 2018 end-user driven, implementation focused conference, exhibition and networking forum taking place 20–22 November 2018 in Amsterdam draws together 120+ GIS implementation leaders and system specialists from across the European power grid sector.

While the scope for utilising GIS is increasing, it is still too often viewed as just a legacy system for performing basic report- and map-generation functions. Moreover, as the energy transition picks up pace network operators will be more reliant on accurate and complete data, but in many cases their geospatial and topological data is not up to this standard.

Robin Sarfas
GIS4SmartGrid 2018
GIS has a huge part to play in the evolution of the smart grid. TSOs and DSOs have had existing systems in place for a long time, but many are just now realising how much of their more advanced asset management, network planning, engineering and other activities are underpinned by reliable data on the physical reality of the network and the environment.

It is for these reasons that Phoenix Forums are launching the premier GIS4SmartGrid 2018 conference, exhibition, and networking forum. Drawing together 120+ utilities GIS specialists for an intensive three-day programme of implementation case studies, 16+ utilities will share how they are transforming the way they manage and utilise their GIS to automate many of its core functions, support more advanced applications, extend accessibility to a wider range of business units, and maximise grid awareness and performance.

The event concludes with a tutorial on open-source GIS implementation

Speakers will share their experience in improving their GIS systems and utilising them to provide full geospatial and topological context in applications carried out by a broad range of business units including asset management, network planning, outage prediction and prevention, field-force deployment, and active network management. The agenda also features discussions on how new technological developments such as migration to the cloud and 3-D modelling can support and deepen further insight. Finally, the event concludes with a tutorial on open-source GIS implementation, specifically the QGIS platform.

Discussions topics include:

  • System implementation and integration: exploring next-generation GIS systems and how to integrate them with a range of IT and OT systems including SCADA and ERP.
  • Data quality: taking steps to ensure GIS data meets the standards required for smart grid applications and provides a complete map of geospatial network information.
  • Advanced functionality: building GIS platforms and tools which provide a full suite of functionalities to support a wide range of business users from multiple departments
  • Cross-platform functionality: developing support for advanced GIS applications through clients in desktop, web-based, and mobile formats.
  • Visualisations: producing accessible, interactive maps and visualisations which make insights accessible to a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Open-source GIS: exploiting the growth in performance of QGIS to complement your existing tools, add flexibility, and even replace proprietary systems.

The key information and useful links:

We pay our readers attention that the Early Bird rate expires on 26 October.

Utilities being invited to participate include: Alliander, National Grid, Enel, TenneT, E.On, Innogy SE, Iberdrola, EDP, Red Electrica de Espana, Stedin, Scottish Power Energy Networks, Fluvius, Enedis, Statnett, Vattenfall, RTE, Elia, Augstprieguma tikls, Elenia, Swissgrid, UK Power Networks. Suppliers being invited to participate include: ESRI, GE, Hexagon/Intergraph, CGI, Siemens, Powel, Bentley. [smartgrid-forums.com]

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