Tesla powers a whole island with solar

SolarCity, the company Tesla officially acquired on Monday, is powering nearly the entire island of Ta’u in American Samoa with solar power.

SolarCity developed a microgrid with 1.4 megawatts of solar generation capacity — enough to power nearly 100% of the island, according to a SolarCity blog. The microgrid is enabled by 60 Tesla Powerpacks, the company’s large commercial battery, which can store solar energy at night.

The solar array is composed of 5,328 solar panels that can run the entire island on solar energy for three days. The system can fully recharge with just 7 hours of daylight.

The island of Ta’u is composed of roughly 600 residents and is located about 4,000 miles from the West Coast of the United States. The island previously relied entirely on diesel generators to power the island. [blog.solarcity.com]

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