ABB unveils RE-ready plug-and-play microgrid

Swiss power electronics specialists ABB have launched an innovative new plug-and-play microgrid designed to augment the global embrace of renewable energy technologies.

The containerized solution is to be made available in four pre-designed variants ranging from 50 kW to 4,600 kW in order to meet a variety of customer needs, and can support all sorts of solar PV, wind, main grid or diesel generator applications.

The microgrid itself is comprised of ABB PowerStore Battery and its Microgrid Plus control system, and boasts cloud-based remote service that can ensure steady power supply in remote areas as well as cost-efficient and uninterruptible power supply to communities in grid-connected regions that are prone to power outages.


The Swiss company has installed more than 30 microgrids globally, across a range of applications that include remote communities, islands and industrial campuses.

“Our modular, standardized and scalable microgrid solution will provide cost-efficient access to reliable power for rural and urban applications, as a plug-and-play solution,”- said ABB’s power grid division president Claudio Facchin.”It exemplifies ABB’s continued commitment to innovation and reducing environmental impact by enhancing the integration of renewable energy sources and reducing dependence on fossil fuels – all key elements of ABB’s Next Level strategy.”

The firm recently announced it is to install one of these microgrids at its largest manufacturing facility in India, supported by a 600 kW rooftop PV array. []

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Digital Substation


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