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Machine-processable Format of IEC 61850 Data Models

IEC TC 57 proposes a new work item (57/1768/NP) IEC 61850-7-7: Communication networks and systems for power utility automation – Part 7-7: Basic communication structure – Machine-processable format of IEC 61850-related data models for tools (proposed 61850-7-7). Closing date for voting: 2016-11-25.

This technical specification will define an XML schema for describing the code components of the data model parts of IEC 61850, to be used as input for tools (typically engineering or specification tools).


In order to foster an active tool market with good quality, and at the end to improve IEC 61850 interoperability, the market needs a machine-processable file describing data model related parts of the standard as input. This will avoid the need for any engineering tool related to the IEC 61850 datamodel to get the content of the standard manually entered, with the highest risk of mistakes. [News on IEC 61850 and Related Standards]

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