Temperature measurements via GOOSE

German company Ziehl presented the new version of temperature sensor TR1200 - now it supports GOOSE-messaging.

Up to 12 PT100 temperature sensors can be connected to the device and then all the measurements can be transmitted via single GOOSE to the set of subscribers, for example, protection and control IEDs. In this sense this device has a benefit as compared to a regular solution – temperature measurement from the single point (from one PT100 sensor) can be received by several IEDs.


Temperature monitoring logical nodes are implemented in TR1200 temperature sensor.

IEC 61850 data model of the device includes one GGIO logical node, modeling failsafe relay state, and 12 temperature monitoring logical nodes (STMP), modeling measurements themselves (data object Tmp).

Dataset, transmitted via GOOSE, is fixed and cannot be modified by the user – it includes 12 measurements and failsafe relay state (for each data its quality is transmitted).

TR1200 is equipped with 10 Mb/s electrical Ethernet interface. As mentioned in the manual, it requires the connection to the Ethernet switch with 10 Mb/s interface.

There is user manual, describing how to set GOOSE publishing and implement subscription for Siemens SIPROTEC 4 IEDs on the webiste of the manufacturer.

So here we go with another example of transmitting measurements via GOOSE!

Digital Substation



Digital Substation


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